Who Am I?

My name is Kayla and I am an empathetic human, a creative processor, a lover of many facets of life. I would like to call myself a writer, having being infatuated with writing since I was in kindergarten. Currently, I am in school to become an English teacher at University of San Diego. But I am evolving, I am a twenty something with a blog trying to find my place in the world.

What My Fans Say

She makes a lot of dad jokes.

My friends

She is vertically challenged.

My 4th Grade Teacher

She is in the process of becoming who she is, hell, we all are.

My mom

Being in your 20’s, 20 Reasons Why It Sucks

Age 20 and your real “of age” life is one year away. You wait patiently in front of the musty dive bar on the raggedy welcome mat. Little do you know, that is the entire decade. Being in your 20’s is like waiting in the elevator to get to adulthood. Each year is a new […]

8 Realistic and Unrealistic New Years Resolutions

Happy 2021. We fucking did it. Goodbye the shit storm that was 2020. Thinking about my life, I just had a lot to reflect on as I was crafting my New Years Resolutions and I came up with this list just off the top of my head. New Years Resolutions 2021: Sit inside at a […]

Puppies in Quarantine

His brown face, flailing tongue like an aging fan at a KISS concert, looks around the grass patch with a face of dismay. I sit there with my workout pants and sports bra with a water bottle in hand. “Go poopy,” I say politely as if I’m telling someone to open the car door. He […]