Who Am I?

My name is Kayla and I am an empathetic human, a creative processor, a lover of many facets of life. I would like to call myself a writer, having being infatuated with writing since I was in kindergarten. Currently, I am in school to become an English teacher at University of San Diego. But I am evolving, I am a twenty something with a blog trying to find my place in the world.

What My Fans Say

She makes a lot of dad jokes.

My friends

She is vertically challenged.

My 4th Grade Teacher

She is in the process of becoming who she is, hell, we all are.

My mom

A Moment to Move to NYC

I remember the manic moment I decided to move to New York City. A monumental job offer came in and my parents decided to fly us to the city for a day to check out the school. The jet lag disguised as adrenaline pulsed through my body, as I went from checking out the school…

An Expensive New York Minute: Pt. 2

New York is not only “Jewish Boys Gone Bad.” It’s also “LA Girls Gone Broke.” I moved to New York City 6 months ago. It’s easy to romanticize your life. New York City is a gorgeous city to have negatives in your bank account. People talk about the toxicity of New York; mostly about the…

A New York Expensive Minute

A New York minute is about 50 dollars. You walk out of your apartment and you are charged just by sucking in oxygen. So your time is pretty damn expensive. Good thing New Yorkers have a great habit of not wasting time, for the most part. Dating here is like a New York minute. One…