Being in your 20’s, 20 Reasons Why It Sucks

Age 20 and your real “of age” life is one year away. You wait patiently in front of the musty dive bar on the raggedy welcome mat.

Little do you know, that is the entire decade.

Being in your 20’s is like waiting in the elevator to get to adulthood.

Each year is a new level: a sweet promise of stability only to find more debt, less jobs, and more “aspiring actors” “ready for a relationship” at each door.

Here are 20 reasons why being in your 20’s just really sucks.

  1. Once you turn 21, the allusion of alcohol as “fun” and “wild” just becomes “addictive” and an “anti-depressant.”
  2. You graduate college to realize that working in the real world requires waking up early.
  3. You begin to wake up early.
  4. You learn to manage money.
  5. You fail at managing money.
  6. You learn to pick up the pieces of failing to manage money.
  7. You realize that what you love does not make a lot of money.
  8. You have no idea what you want to do with your life professionally.
  9. You start to realize you need hobbies.
  10. You realize hobbies do require a lot of work.
  11. You dump said hobbies.
  12. Everyone around you starts to get married.
  13. Or have kids
  14. Or worse, move to the suburbs
  15. Or worse, move to the South
  16. Tired starts becoming a daily adjective/state of being.
  17. You argue with your friends over who is more tired.
  18. Baths become better than bars.
  19. Instagram is like a shitty high school yearbook.
  20. Karen from middle school and your 21 year old fiance with a porn mustache moving to Alabama to raise your one year old, congrats!


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