6 Fall Fashion Tips, Part 1

Fall may be spent wearing masks, 6 feet apart, but that doesn’t mean you need to look ugly.

Fall fashion this year is honestly the best thing since sliced bread.

I have been loving SO much about fall fashion and here’s part 1 of a list of must-haves.

  1. Leather Pants

So all the teens, the 20, 30-somethings, and mid-life crisis moms of TikTok are loving the pants from Aritzia. They are 100-something dollars. I am not paying that much for pants I will solely wear because of the fall trend. So, Zara slid right in and I found these faux leather pants from Zara. They come in brown and black and so many other colors. I bought the color below and pair it with my nude blouses:

2. Leather Blazer

While you wear your faux leather pants, you must pair it with a faux leather blazer if you are in a colder climate. Or, you can pair a leather blazer with your favorite crop top and shorts or skirt if you are on the West Coast because it is still 80 degrees. My blazer was affordable, cheap, and earned me a very flirty compliment from the man working at Starbucks. I bought mine from Nasty Gal:

Click here to view this fabulous jacket:

This blazer SCREAMS fall and it goes well with literally everything. The other day, I threw on some biker shirts, a black crop top, and a shoulder bag with my blazer. It was completely comfortable, classy, and fashionable. You can dress it up and you can 100% dress it down. Zara has an AMAZING blazer as well. Blazers makes any normal, basic outfit somehow 10 times classier, so do sweater vests.

I paired Nasty Gal’s jacket with the sweater top from Zara (linked is the super cute matching sweater, highly recommend) and a faux leather skirt for a perfect Happy Hour outfit.
You can also try taking this trend to the brown side. Every girl need a statement brown leather blazer and I love this one from Dazed and Delirious available on Friday.
This black leather blazer from Zara with a white button down and shorts is the ultimate fall look.

3. Sweater Vests

Do you want to be classy and comfy at the same time? Sweater vests are soft, perfect, delicious, fancy, and fit for layering. My favorite vest is actually from a new sustainable clothing company called Dazed and Delirious.

This sweater vest paired with a button down gives an effortlessly chic look for the Fall season.

Dazed and Delirious’s sweater vest is available in their Autumn Women collection which comes out THIS FRIDAY on October 16, 2020 at 2:00 PM PST. Check out their website for more of their effortlessly unique and statement pieces.

You can also find sweat vests from Amazon as well.

Little tip: search the men’s section:

Layer this with a long white bottom down and thigh-high boots

Sarah Chamberlain, A Gen-Z icon, wearing a stylish sweater-vest. Now, you know it’s trendy.

4. Fun prints

Available at the Dazed and Delirious website on Friday, October 16th

CHEETAH PRINT will never go out of style. That’s why I yelled it. That’s why you must check out this top from Dazed and Delirious. It screams trendy with the quarter length sleeves and the statement print will pair amazingly with any neutral. This top is on sale as part of the Autumn Women collection as well on Friday!

Here’s the down low on Dazed and Delirious, two twenty-something queens with impeccable fashion taste decided to take their thrifting skills and showcase their greatest finds to the world. Not only do they sell clothing (tops, blazers, pants, you name it) but they are also breaking into the world of accessories and mens wear.

The best part of Dazed and Delirious is it’s renewable. The clothing is vintage, each pieces collected from various thrift or antique stores.

If you buy from them, you’re basically Al Gore. It’s sustainable so our earth can flourish to become it’s best self.

5. Baguette Bags

If you need a bag that feels like you’re not wearing a bag because it is so damn light, go to Amazon.com and thank me later. I have gotten countless compliments and it is cheap but not by the look of it.

You can find this amazing baguette bag here

6. Turtle Necks

No words needed, just pictures:

This top from Dazed and Delirious on sale on Friday
This 100% cashmere piece is one of Dazed and Delirious’s amazing items.

This fall is about making a statement in your wardrobe because the world outside is scarier than this upcoming Halloween. If there’s a time to own your style, it’s now. That’s why you need a new fall wardrobe, duh.

What do you think? Fashion-forward or fashion backward? Considering the 90’s inspiration, both are a compliment.

Check out Part 2, coming next Sunday!



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